It’s a snow day for teachers and students and we are all excited to have a day off!  It looks we have finally gotten our good ‘ol fashioned snowfall this winter in northeast Pennsylvania. It’s time to finally break out the snow pants, boots and sleds. While I am not a snow lover, I can’t remember the last time we had a good snowfall here, so I can’t help but be a tad excited about a real snowstorm!

Well, sometimes being stuck inside on a snow day also means there are lots of us getting bored. Now, I know! Students have all of the video games and apps to keep them entertained for hours. Let’s not forget the ability to text our friends, binge watch Netflix and watch our favorite “You Tube Heroes”, but what about some good old fashioned creative fun?

My smART partner and I subscribe to the amazing art education resource, https://www.theartofed.com/, for fantastic ideas, resources and inspiring lessons. We came across the “Snow Day Challenge” on their website https://www.theartofed.com/2016/12/08/snow-day-challenge/ and have been itching to share it with our students. Unfortunately, this winter hasn’t cooperated much, but alas, we have a snow day to share the “snow day art challenge” with our students!


We are sharing this art challenge in our online Google Classrooms so students can access it from home. What a great idea! Give students bonus points for being creative at home! We have already prepped the students that the completed art challenge is due the following school day, whether is is their “art day” or not. This way it is fair to everyone and doesn’t become an assignment without a deadline. The best work will be selected from all of the submissions and then the winner will be announced on our school’s local morning news broadcast, “Good Morning JTL”.


Need some other ideas for how to bust the snow day boredom? Here are a couple of great resources I came across that might be worth checking out…

  1. This blog has an enormous amount of ideas, complete with links to directions, so you can do all types of fun activities with kids! http://thehappyhousewife.com/homeschool/101-things-to-do-on-a-snowy-day-with-kids/  P.S. I think the arts and crafts list looks especially fun!

     2. http://www.ibtimes.com/what-do-kids-snow-day-10-fun-         indoor-outdoor-activities-parents-try-1794866


There are some super fun STEAM challenges that you can do with stuff you gave lying around the house. Ever try balancing a book off of a table using only sheets of paper and tape? Can you use paper to build something that can support the weight of a tennis ball? What about using cardboard to create a miniature golf course? Don’t want the kids swinging clubs in the house? Just roll that ball through a cardboard obstacle course.


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. How about having your kids make handmade Valentine’s for family members? Want to spread some kindness? Have the kids make Valentine’s to send to a local Veteran’s Hospital for the nationwide “Valentine’s for Vets” campaign. You could also make Valentine’s for a local senior home.

Of course, Pinterest has some great ideas, as well.

I realize not everyone gets to stay home with their kids, but I know I enjoy getting my kid off technology and instead creating, playing and making memories together.

Happy snow day, friends!

-Mrs. S

22 thoughts on “HOORAY FOR SNOW DAYS!

  1. I love how you gave us ideas on how to spend a day off! Now if we have a day6 of next time and I’m bored I already have an idea of what to do next day off.

    • I am glad to hear that you learned some ways to spend a day off. While it feels like spring has arrived, you never know! Maybe we will have another snow day before winter is officially over?

    • I am not sure if we will have any more snow days, but I am glad you got some fun ideas when you do have a day off!

    • Thanks, I did. Remember that the idea behind commenting on a blog is to share something you learned or ask questions about something you would like to know more about.

  2. All these ideas seem genius! They seem perfect for when students are bored on snow days. Hopefully we’ll have to save these ideas for next winter, and spring is coming soon!!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I agree, we will (hopefully!) have to wait to try them out until next winter since spring is in the air! 🙂

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